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MCU Java Source

What is it

It's Java source to C source translator, which allows to write MCU filmware in Java.

Key features

What it is and is not

MCU Java Source is:

MCU Java Source is not:

Supported MCU platforms/devices


Compiler - avr-gcc (or WinAVR package)

Java source code elements

Supported (implemented) now

Not yet implemented

No way to do it

System requirements

How it works

Java source code is converted to XML representation (java-ml) using modified version of Java2XML. Then every XML element is processed by MCU Java Source Translator. All primitive variables don't change, all objects are translated. For translation of methods dealing with MCU registers, there is separate translator for each MCU. All listeners are converted to interrupt handlers. Classes of user objects are not processed using XML, they are called using reflection. The result of translation is XML representation of C source code for MCU. Then C source is generated from XML.